The Basics of Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage is your opportunity to provide for and protect the people you love most. By putting a plan in place to cover expenses that would occur in the event of your death, you can help secure their long-term financial future.

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Whole Life Insurance

Affordable stability and peace of mind for end-of-life expenses.

Term Life Insurance

Coverage for an unexpected loss in a specific period of time.

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Universal Life

Flexible life insurance protection with cash value that lasts a lifetime.

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Why do I need Life Insurance?

  • Cover end-of-life expenses
  • Avoid debt and financial strain
  • Help your family move forward
  • Secure peace of mind

Your coverage needs depend on factors such as your age, your financial strength, and your family’s circumstances. In general, the earlier you are in life and the more financially dependent your loved ones are on you, the more coverage you need. Mutual of Omaha provides online tools that might help you determine your needs.

There are many factors that should be considered in choosing life insurance, including short-term and long-term cost, coverage and cash value. Life insurance is meant to give you peace of mind, not to put a strain on your budget. We can work with you to identify an affordable life insurance policy that meets your family’s coverage needs.

Several of the life insurance products allow you to get a quote or apply online. For more complex coverage needs, you should discuss your unique situation with an agent and build a policy that will protect your family. Contact us online to start the conversation.
Because we’ve been helping people through life’s transitions, both expected and unexpected, for over 19 years, Cygnus Insurance knows the importance of having a plan for the end of life. We are dedicated to our customers and act with integrity, innovation, and accountability as we work to help you protect and provide for your family.


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